FNAMS – Fédération Nationale des Agriculteurs Multiplicateurs de Semences

Les communications de l’IHSG 2023

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Les posters présentés lors de la conférence

I – Do we have to adapt the forage seed production to the climate change?

Seed production of endophyte-free and endophyte-infected tall fescue in reponse to partial submergence at two ontogenetic stages

How will the future climate impact the production of red clover seeds in France?

Tall fescue cultivars response to salinity as influenced by inoculation with non-livestock-toxic endophyte AR584

Genetic diversity for germination in response to temperature in a set of lucerne varieties

II – What are the alternatives to pesticides for organic and/or conventional seed production?

Spring mowing as a tool for cereal volunteer control in ryegrass

IPM strategies to reduce weed infestations in grass seed crops

Tolerance of established timothy (phleum pratense) seed crop to herbicide cirpreme xc in the peace river region of Canada

Integrated approach to manage yellow dwarf viruses in perennial grass seed crops

The clover head weevil (hypera meles) a pest in white clover seed

Establishment of perrenial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) with glufosinate tolerant canola (Brassica napus) in Western Canada

Production quality assessment – dodder in alfalfa seed crop

Analysis of explanatory factors for grain yield of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in France

Stem rust of perennial ryegrass, how effective are biocontrol and alternative solutions against this disease?

Alfalfa seed production without chemical pesticide

Alternative weed control in perennial ryegrass seed crop

III – How to optimize harvest and post harvest management

Effet of storage time on germination and seed-born fungi of forage oat seed

The impact of different non-thermal post harvest residue management practices on a tall fescue (festuca arundinacea) seed crop

Evaluation of pre-harvest dessication strategies in clover seed production

Seed harvesting date prediction in urochloa spp. based on growing degree-days accumulation

Yield variation, yield components and yield losses in rainfed tall fescue and annual ryegrass seed production in subtropical Uruguay

Does trinexapac-etyl improve lodging control and seed yield in Kentucky bluegrass crop in Northeastern Oregon?

Alternative pre-harvest desiccation strategies for White clover seed crops

Overseeding a cereals and protein crop mix in established alfalfa: which impacts on weeds and production?

IV – How to improve the competitiveness in a context of input costs inflation

Simulated environmental and climatic effects of perennial ryegrass seed production

From the IHSG workshop in methven to the formation of the tasmanian seed industry group (TSIG)

Can we achieve ryegrass seed yields of 5 tonnes per hectare?

Contrasting tall fescue seed production systems: case studies

Biochar as carbon alternative

New references for reasoning p-k-mg fertilization in legumes and grasses seed crops

An innovative crop association: producing red clover seed crop undersowed in crimson clover seed crop

Impact of changes in cropping practices on the economic assessment of grass and legume forage seed growing

Investigating the optimum nitrogen application rate and the use of the potentially mineralisable n (pmn) test, for estimating n mineralisation, in perrenial ryegrass seed crops